Be A Badass Woman 30-Day Training

Be A Badass Woman 30-Day Training

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In 30 days, we will improve your life in the 4 areas: Fitness, Faith, Family and Finance.

FITNESS: A healthy/balanced relationship with food, exercise and your body is closer than you think

FAITH: Connect to your self and spirituality

FAMILY: Working on relationships that matter. Finally reconnecting with an old friend and disconnecting from bad influencer in your life.

FINANCE: You already have all the skills to be successful and financially independent. We will focus on the main areas of your skills and build an action plan.


  • Discovery call: We will go over your 4-week plan

  • Bi-weekly 30-minute check-in call: We will talk about the progress and changes

  • After 30 days, we will evaluate the progress to make a plan for the next steps

EXTRA: FREE Be A Badass Woman Journal