DeVo Fit ™ Non-Diet Self-Paced Course

DeVo Fit ™ Non-Diet Self-Paced Course

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Are you tired of dieting, overeating and hating your body? Now is your time to live a different life.

This program is right for you if you

  • Want to stop dieting and start intuitive eating

  • Want to repair your metabolism

  • Want to improve your relationship with food and fix your body image

  • Want peace of mind and freedom around food

  • Want to health your body and mind connection to live a healthy lifestyle

What's included in the program?


Module 1: Identifying Your Why

Module 2: Your Body as a whole - Mind & Body Connection

Module 3: Nutrition Overview

Module 4: Reintroducing Foods

Module 5: Body Image & Mind Work

Module 6: Creating Good Habits for a Healthy Body & Mind

Module 7: Intuitive Eating

Module 8: Overeating & Finding Balance

Module 9: Your New Non-Diet Lifestyle

Also included:

- 30-minute complimentary consultation

- Self-paced modules to guide and support your non-diet journey


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