Mindfulness for Body & Mind by Anja

Anja Mertl is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, and Certified Meditation Teacher. She is passionate about Holistic wellness for body and soul. Anja wants to share her knowledge to benefit everyone who wants to improve their overall wellbeing.


"Whether you want to lose a few pounds or many, Anja is the best Keto Coach out there. Her program is extremely doable and she creates a tailored program for each individual. She checks in with her clients multiple times a day to keep them on track and to encourage them. I highly recommend Anja of DeVo Fit!" - Jennifer, DeVo Fit™, 1-on-1 Coaching Client

"Anja has been incredible in my journey with DeVo.Fit, logging my food and my exercise activity daily for me. She checks in with me daily providing meal ideas, suggestions, and goal achievements of where I want to be for my lifestyle change! I highly recommend her coaching you will not regret a healthier way of living and being guided by her along the way!!!" - Sarah, DeVo Fit™ 1-on-1 Coaching Client

"In one month, I lost ten pounds and feel so much better physically and emotionally. I highly recommend Anja as a coach - she will work with you to feel empowered to make positive changes for yourself, all while staying comfortable with your goals and lifestyle." - Diane, DeVo Fit™ 1-on-1 Coaching Client

"I have tried almost every diet fad out there from Weight Watchers, South Beach, counting macros. With this program, I immediately knew I was going to be working with someone who not only knew what I was going through but could really help give me the tools to build myself a better relationship with food, eating and self-image." - Shannon, DeVo Fit™ Non-Diet Coaching Client



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