DeVo Fit™ Meditation Coaching

DeVo Fit™ Meditation Coaching

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  • Online meditation sessions are 30 minutes long, split into two parts. The first part is for meditation and the second part is for reflection & sharing.

  • I will invite you to try sharing if you feel comfortable doing so. I will mindfully listen and hold this space together.

  • I will journal on the following themes:
    - Gratitude, ex. What are you grateful for?
    - Setting intention, ex. What is the intention of your mindfulness practice?
    - Learning & Growth, ex. Reflect on a recent challenge that your mindfulness practice helped you with.
    - Feeling inspired, ex. What has recently inspired you?
    - Celebrating, ex. Reflect on an insight or success for the week.

  • Although you can sign up and practice in any session we suggest finding a regular meditation time that best suits you, ideally on the same day each week. Adding a regular meditation practice to your calendar can help you get the benefits of a daily meditation practice, such as stress relief, better focus, and self-awareness.

Product Disclaimer
I am not a licensed physician so as always, please seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical conditions. Never disregard any professional medical advice given to you based on any information given to you by my coaching.
DeVo Fit™/Anja Mertl does not endorse or recommend any specific product, test, physician or other information that may be mentioned while coaching. Any companies that you see affiliated are for marketing purposes only.
Reliance on any information provided by DeVo Fit™/Anja Mertl as a client is solely at your own risk. DeVo Fit™/Anja Mertl will not be liable for any reason should you decide to follow a Meal and Workout Plan using any information provided in the coaching.