How To Become A Badass Woman

In today’s society, women have a lot on their plate. We have to be great wives, moms, business owners and entrepreneurs, all while staying healthy - this can be a lot, which is why so many women have given up or haven’t even started trying. 

But let me tell you, I have the secret. No, it's not a secret drink, yoga pose or diet, but real yet small lifestyle changes that transform you into the warrior woman you have always dreamed of. During one of my own bouts of self-exploration and improvement, I learned about CORE 4 from Russ Perry at Design Pickle

CORE 4 is a part of Garrett White’s Warrior Way which was originally created for men to improve the “CORE 4”: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Since last summer, women have also been included in the program and many retreats offered across the US. With the Warrior Way, Garrett wants to empower the voice inside of you, leading to new levels of personal clarity and confidence. Both of these things, in turn, generate huge returns in the business world. 

Reading about the Warrior Way helped me realize that following in someone else’s shadow won’t bring me the same amount of success as if when I just listen to my intuition and let it guide me on both a professional and personal path. This is the most difficult thing when starting out as a business owner - there are so many things going in your life and so many people’s voices are floating around that the voice inside you drowns in the craziness. But once you are really able to listen to this voice (and start doing some practices I will explain later on) your personal and business lives will flourish. 

So... let’s move on to what the CORE 4 are and the different practices you can do to work on them on a daily basis! Focusing on and practicing the CORE 4 will lead to a ripple effect that improves every single inch of your life. All you need to do are two actions for each of the four categories, every day. Think of each action as half of a point adding up to a full four once you have finished your actions for the day. 

#1 Body

When it comes to body, it’s pretty obvious - get some movement and good nutrition. Each day, you should be sweating for at least 30 minutes.

Nutrition, or my personal favorite, comes next. White recommends drinking a green smoothie every day to check off all of your essential vitamins and nutrients. You can pre-pack your veggies/fruits for a quick blend or if you’re traveling, take a powdered form with a bottle on the go.

#2 Being

Improving your being is actually easier than it sounds! Each day, practice meditation for as long or as short as you feel necessary. I started from 3 mins to 15 mins per day using a free app called InsightTimer.

Then comes the next step, journaling. Jot down what you were thinking of during your meditation and anything else your inside voice was trying to tell you. What made you happy today? 

The most important thing is to take a few moments every day for reflection and introspection. This will do wonders for a positive outlook on life. 

#3 Balance

Balance means family and other relationships. I make daily “deposits” into the hearts of my loved ones by leaving a note in my children’s lunch box, sending a thoughtful text to my husband, or calling my parents. Not only do I feel their appreciation, but I also receive lots of love and support when I need it.

#4 Business 

When it comes to business, it is all about discovering and declaring something new each day through articles, news, and books. Audiobooks have helped me sneak in reading a book a week, something I never could do before.

Next, teach what you learned to a colleague, friend or your family to ground your knowledge in the subject. For me, I learn and teach about digestive health and functional foods through social media, people I meet, and often at the dinner table.

Russ Perry shared his real-world example of how the Warrior Way and listening to your inside voice can cause something great. He had been training for a 24-hour race but decided to pull out at the last minute because the voice inside him told him to, even though there was no reason not to go. Later that day, he was able to share a special moment with his daughter and strengthen their connection. The voice inside of him provided him with a positive, and unexpected, benefit. 

Basically, just remember that you are in charge of your own destiny and success! You have everything you need inside of you. And more often than not, our inside voice will provide us with the most efficient way of achieving our personal and business goals. Big-time success isn’t so much about getting lucky but listening to this voice and taking daily steps to improve the CORE 4. If you aren’t happy with something, a certain relationship or how your professional life is going - start working! I truly believe in the Warrior Way and what it can do for you too.

Using the CORE 4 helps you find the balance to have it all, across body, being, balance, and business. Once you have locked down these strategies and practice them on a daily basis, you will start to gain clarity regarding your life’s purpose and every other corner of your like from intimacy to running a business. Choosing to live the Warrior’s Way, as a woman, is the singular most fulfilling decision I have made in my entire life. Try it, and let me know how you feel as a new warrior woman.