Cleaning Up The Mess - Tidy Up Your Personal And Professional Life

Many of us have watched the new series on Netflix "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo". After I watched the series, I was truly inspired and I got to work tidying up my personal and professional life.

#1 Personal Life: Clean up the mess

Start with your house. Go through the things that you have been holding on to for years but never use again. By clearing space, we do more than just save time and money. We shift energy and raise our self-esteem. When you go through the process yourself, don't be too critical. Create the right decluttering environment with great music, healthy snacks and a glass of wine.

#2 Professional Life: Focus on the ONE thing

When I read the book "The ONE Thing" by Gary Keller, for the first time in my life I didn’t multi-task but rather began to focus on one specific thing every day. Growing up, multi-tasking seemed something desirable and necessary to function on a daily basis. If you really look into what you have achieved every day, the things that you have focused on the most have typically gets the best results. Instead of doing 10 things every day, just focus on the most important thing. Once you have accomplished it, you will feel satisfied and motivated to focus on the next BIG thing.

#3 YOUR Life: Live your life with CORE 4

CORE 4 is a daily system of healthy habits. It's about focusing on the four major areas of our lives: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Every day, you need to do two things in each area:

  • Body: Fuel and Fitness (e.g. green juice and going to the gym)
  • Being: Reading and Meditation (e.g. read a page in your book and mediate by yourself or use an app like Headspace)
  • Balance: Partner and Postery (e.g. spend quality time with your friends, family or partner and send a love note to them via text, call or video)
  • Business: Discover and Declare (e.g. learn something every day and explain it to your employees, co-workers or family)

When you accomplish only these eight things, it will give you the momentum you need to have a successful day. You can learn more about CORE 4 on Russ Perry's Episode #28: Understanding the “Core Four”.

For the new year, I want to live a simpler and more focused life. Do the things you love and not things that you don't love. It's as simple as that.