Smart Baking Company's smartcakes review - Light & fluffy cake for only 38 calories

I have always wanted to try Smart Baking Company's smartcakes. I had their plain buns before which make a really good burger. Try toasting the buns after defrosting. It makes them crispy.


After I was already in love with their buns, I knew I had to try the smartcakes. I loved the ingredients - high in protein and fiber (4g of protein and 5g of fiber), gluten-free and only 38 calories per cake!


kept it simple so I tried them plain with no fancy toppings or additions. To get a different opinion I shared it with my hubby (he is very picky when it comes to "healthier options") and yes, he said they are pretty good (a HUGE compliment). Upon comparing the chocolate and lemon flavor, the lemon cakes were my absolute favorite! It almost tastes like a mix between a lemon cake and an angel cake. The texture of both cakes was very doughy and soft.

All in all, I love their products and ingredients. They keep it simple and delicious and are a great option for a quick snack or high protein dessert.

Smartbuns are now on sale for $19.97 instead of $37.95!

Order online at and get an additional 10% off your order.