Fasted Cardio ... Fat Loss Incinerator?

Let’s talk fasted cardio. Have you heard that it can accelerate your fat loss journey? Did you know that it can burn more body fat overall? Do you know the truth?

Fasted cardio does NOT burn more fat than unfasted cardio, even though a lot of fitness marketers and gurus like to say it does. Technically, if you only look at it from a short term perspective, they’re right. 

But, if you take the time to dig into some research, you’ll find that the TOTAL energy balance at the end of the day dictates total fat gained and lost. This means that it does NOT matter if you do cardio fasted or unfasted because net energy gained (or lost) is still the same, provided that your total calorie intake/ burn is equivalent at the end of the day. 

I know, I know - I may get some emails from some true "fasted cardio believers". But I stand behind the research, and I’m still waiting for an independent study that shows fasted cardio is better than unfasted when TOTAL energy balance is accounted for aka not just on a short term basis. Go ahead and ask the true believers in your friend group to send you a study - I bet they won’t be able to give it to you ;-)

I’m not saying that fasted cardio, is bad or wrong or worse than unfasted. It isn’t! All it means is that you don’t NEED to do fasted cardio, especially if you don’t like it. 

Instead, you focus on whatever exercises in whatever manner works for you and your individual goals. After all, catering to your needs, goals, and preferences is what drives consistency. And consistency drives success. 

Either way, my priority is making sure YOU understand the truth and know that fasted cardio is not essential or better than unfasted so long as total calorie intake/expenditure is the same at the end of the day.

Want to do fasted cardio? Cool, do fasted.

Want to do unfasted? Awesome, do unfasted.

Whichever you choose is fine, just make sure your calories are in check. Personally, I prefer to be in a fed state and enjoy a bomb ass pre-workout meal! 

When it comes to pre-workout meals, these are some of my favorites:

  • Protein/carb shakes made with berries, banana, oats, almond butter, and honey
  • Organic brown rice cakes topped with sun butter mixed with vegan protein powder to make an icing and topped with banana and honey
  • Cream of rice, egg whites, whole egg, spinach, sun butter 

What is your go-to?